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Perhaps to make the Japanese forget about the Toyota Corona, the execs behind Corona beer didn’t put on the brakes for their 2005-6 advertising campaign for the Japanese market.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Japan, the suggestive photos and tagline (“Grind it in deeper“) are more European than fuzoko (the secret world of sex in Japan where kawaii (cute) meets sex–sometimes referred as the “pink world” or the “pink trade”). At least they elicit a “wow” or a “oh my”…the job of advertising after all…clever bastards.

Wonder if the sale of Corona went up in Japan after these ads were printed?

More sexy liquor ads from around the world @ adsoftheworld. To take a peek at the rest of the Corona ads for the Japanese market, look under the cut. Okay, it’s time to leave you alone with them now…


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