Snoop Dogg on Hockey Night in Canada? Fo’ Shizzle!

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Snoop.jpgAll of Kamloops weren’t the only ones cheering on the Anaheim Ducks towards their eventual win of the Stanley Cup. In the Anaheim home crowd, spending some father-son quality time, was Snoop Dogg. Turns out Snoop’s son wanted to watch a hockey game and Snoop caught the hockey bug. A refreshing reminder that “Canada’s Game” has a more diverse following that most people assume. Kudos to CBC Sports for not shying away from the opportunity.

Watch Snoop’s interview on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada from Game 3 HERE.

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Snoop Dogg at his first hockey game on FSN – Game 1 at Anaheim. Yabba Dabba Dizzle.

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