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unknown.jpgCoinciding with the tenth anniversary of the handover from British rule to Mainland China, the Vancity Theatre is presenting a collection of Hong Kong cinematic classics, from the first Cantonese film in colour (starring a young Bruce Lee) to the very contemporary commentary of HK in the World Premier of 0506HK. Epic triad gang mythology, tragic love triangles and romantic visuals are all part of this HK showcase — evidence to the influence of HK filmmaking on our global imagination.

HONG KONG STORIES | June 29-30, July 1-2, 4-7

Films: ELECTION 1 and 2 (Johnnie To, 2005 and 2006) | ROUGE (Stanley Kwan, 1987; starring Anita Mui and Leslie Chueng) | THE ORPHAN (Li Changfeng, 1960; starring Bruce Lee) | THE KILLER (John Woo, 1989; starring Chow Yun-Fat) | AS TEARS GO BY (Wong Kar-wai, 1988; starring Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung) | THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW (Johnnie Mak, 1984) | BOAT PEOPLE (Ann Hui, 1982) | 0506HK (Quentin Lee, 2007)

For more info on the films and screening times, see the Vancity Theatre’s website.

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