Face of the Future | Face Transformer | Change the age, sex, or ethnicity of your face!

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facetransimage.jpgIt’s not new to upload your photo and then add different hairstyles to it to see how each style will work with your face. What’s even better? St.Andrews’ University’s Face of the Future THE FACE TRANSFORMER, which allows you to upload your photo to transform your ethnicity (Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian, East Asian, or West Asian), age (baby, child, teenager, younger/older adult), or even turn your face into a manga image or an artistic vision (re: Botticelli or Modigliani style); as a drunk; and even as “Apeman” (50% ape)! Basically, harmless facial reconstruction!

Face of the Future is a publicly-funded project aimed at exploring the latest advances in facial computer vision and graphics, and what they mean for society. The project has developed a number of interactive exhibits, online demos and a lecture presentation aimed at engaging the public with the technology and the social implications of its technology.

Even better? You can save each facial transformation for your pleasure — but as the disclaimer states: don’t let your emotions colour your mood. After all, The Face Transformer is purely a fun toy! And just as plastic surgery proponents often say, once you make one change, you can’t seem to stop (plus you can save all your images) — highly addictive!

More: St. Andrews’ University The Face of the Future website | via Shine from Yahoo

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