First Lady of Fashion | Michelle Obama | January ’09

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michelle_obama.jpgObamanauguralmania‘s (go ahead, say it out loud 12 times fast, we dare you) in full swing all over the blogosphere — even across the “traditional media” — and who are we to not join the party?

The breathless prose astounds, and most of it has little-to-nothing to do with politics: Who’s starting the betting pool for the post-inaugural baby? Have you seen Sasha and Malia’s most adorable inaugural moments? What about the Obama Booty Bump at Ball? In an amazing-even-for-him cringer, wizened centenarian broadcaster Larry King deems black to be “in,” allegedly following his son’s wish to be black. (Could a lesbian prez be next?) And let’s not forget the oh-so-critical question of the First Puppy…

But let’s focus on the most pressing issue of all, shall we? Is Michelle Obama the most amazingly stylish First Lady the Free World has every laid eyes on, or what? Fashionistas, lay down thy scepters and weep. Seriously. Check out Huffington Posts’s helpful Inauguration Outfit Slideshow of Her Gorgeousness and just try to argue.

Granted, not everyone loved her fashion choices — though this blogger thought the lemongrass Isabel Toledo gown with the olive gloves and green Jimmy Choos were to die for — and some bloggers have taken umbrage with the endless comparisons to Jackie O., complaining that the focus on the First Lady’s appearance over her brain is sexist and throwback, for example. But Lady Michelle is the epitome of a modern North American woman. She’s tough and vulnerable, smart and independent, a devoted mother, equal partner to her husband. Oh yeah, and she’s beautiful, fashion-savvy, and fierce. Deal with it.

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