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kristanhoffman.jpgA self-professed “Taiwanese Halfie” from Houston, now living in Cincinnati, Kristan Hoffman is a gifted and entertaining writer (read her web series “Twenty-Somewhere“) whose excerpt from her novel The Good Daughters has made it into the quarterfinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Here’s what the story is about:

…Madeline and Grace Chen have recently found out their mother Ruo Mei is suffering from dementia. She had to be let go from her job at Lucky Supermarket, a job upon which she raised her daughters in a one room apartment. Grace, a successful marketing executive and the ‘good daughter’ who dutifully learned domesticity from her mother while avoiding confrontation with her, has moved Ruo Mei into her home in Houston to live with her family including her husband Jack and son Evan. Madeline, an artist and the ‘bad daughter’ whose marriage to Charles (now dead from a car accident) caused her mother to disown her is invited to move in with them. She and her mother haven’t spoken in three long years….

As for reviews on Kristan’s writing?: “The writing is assured, the dialogue believable, the subject tragically prescient. Save for the unnecessary chapter titles and the unexplained switch from first person in the prologue to third in the first chapter, “The Good Daughters” is a polished and satisfying read.”

Okay, now rate and review The Good Daughters to advance Kristan into the next round (here)!

More: (photo credit) Kristan Hoffman’s website | (credit & source) Thanks to my LJ-friend for the link!

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