Hockey Night In Punjabi! | He Shoots, He Scores?

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hnic.gifThe Vancouver Canucks might be struggling mightily, so it really doesn’t matter what language they’re being broadcasted in. But how about ‘Hockey Night In Canada’ in Punjabi? That’s what the Saturday nights have become as CBC Hockey Night in Canada is producing a Punjabi broadcast every Saturday night for 55 NHL regular season games. Hand picked from the Punjab community, Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh, die-hard hockey fans who know their hockey, provide the play-by-play and colour commentating,

There’s a historical nuance to this story, too. Because of almost a century of British imperialism in India, particularly in the Punjab, Punjabi is not only interspersed with many English words, the popularity of field hockey (another imperial influence) in Pakistan and India has made it easier for people who don’t speak Punjabi to understand some of the words spoken during the course of an NHL game.

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