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Every so often I’ll come across a song that manages to grab my attention the moment it starts to play. Every once in a while, I’ll become completely obsessed with that particular music artist and once in a blue moon I’ll come to view that artist as the greatest act in years to grace the musical scene. In a moment of musical evangelism, I feel inclined to introduce to you my latest find and hidden treasure. The song “Lagerfeld Lady” and the band is Fritz Helder & The Phantoms.

Hailing from Toronto, this electro-dance pop group consists of Fritz Helder (lead vocals, synth), Fierce Helder (bass, beats), Silk Helder (synths, guitar, vocals), Pastel Supernova (vocals), and Diego (vocals). FH&TP have already proven themselves to be a band to watch by being the first artist signed to Nelly Furtado’s record label Nelstar Music.

What attracts me to FH&TP is their seeming effortlessness in taking pop culture trends and transforming mainstream aspects of fashion and dance music into something that is truly unique and original. Everything from sound to look appears to be so methodically random and yet, the band never strikes me as one that “tries too hard to be different,” they are who they are and make music just the same.

FH&TP aren’t just a band with flashy costumes and music. They are innovators. They have created their own scene, a scene that dares to be different, with their bold taste for fashion and music. This is the main attraction of FH&TP – their creativity and willingness to take a step further in creating music that not only entertains music through sound, but also through visual appeal and movement.

The music of Fritz Helder & The Phantoms is an truly experience and I am left transfixed by their hypnotic melodies and (almost) haunting lyrics. In the words of “Lagerfeld Lady,” there’s something about the way you look tonight/ you’re driving me crazy, I am definitely going crazy over this band. You can check out some of their tracks off their album Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition on their myspace page.

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