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Warning: If you have ever watched Chinese or Asian soaps and found yourself inexplicably addicted, you may find yourself drawn to LUMINA as well, so read below with caution.


LUMINA is a webseries written, directed and produced by Jennifer Thym and stars JuJu Chan, Michael Chan and Vince Matthew Chung. The series is filled with mystery, intrigue and an unusual romance, all of which culminate in a wonderfully intricate story reminiscent of mysterious thrillers like Lost, Prison Break and Heroes.

Here’s a synopsis of the series:

“Lumina Wong (JuJu Chan) is beautiful but works far too much; although she lives in a city of millions, she still feels lonely and isolated. Late one night, Lumina has a chance encounter with Ryder Lee (Michael Chan), a handsome young man from another world that she can see in mirrors and darkened window reflections. She revels in the fantasy relationship until mirrorspy Eben Sanchez comes into her life, warning her of the treacheries of the people of the Dark Realm. Soon Lumina must choose between the safety of the world she knows and the deadly allure of the unknown.”

Excerpted from LUMINA

See the full LUMINA webseries here.

In addition to the seeming perplexity of a storyline involving “mirrorspys” and the “Dark Realm,” LUMINA delivers incredible cinematography and breath-taking scenery of the Hong Kong urban landscape. One thing for sure is that I need to get my hands on a RED One, because it is amazing to see how this wonderful device, which is a top-of-the-line digital camcorder, helped the LUMINA team in capturing such beautiful scenes. Needless to say, Jennifer Thym and the entire production crew have successfully created an original, high-quality piece of work, without the Hollywood budget.

Be sure to check out episodes of LUMINA.

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