VIFF 2009 | It Might Get Loud

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It Might Get Loud

USA, 2008, 97min

DIR: Davis Guggenheim

It Might Get Loud is a rich and inspiring journey into the world of real Guitar Heroes – and one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. From the elegant effects-driven sound of The Edge, to the raunchy intensity of Jack White’s blues-inspired riffs and the bold, sophisticated playfulness of Jimmy Page, this film takes us on a tour through the histories of these great musicians as they ‘talk shop’ and delve into their own personal love affairs with the electric guitar.

All very articulate, each guitarist tells stories of time and place, of starting out and getting big and discovering the sounds, techniques and attitudes that made them who they are and made their music great. Filled with humour and passion in equal measure, It Might Get Loud intricately interweaves these stories while stylistically retaining the uniqueness of each individual character in the overall narrative by integrating them and overlaying them into one amazing music experience. As brilliantly expressed by Jack White, it’s about a “family of story-tellers. You’re supposed to join the family, become part of it.” Sitting in that theatre I didn’t feel I was being told a story; I felt I had played a part in its telling.

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