Colour line bites again

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon has flooded pop culture in the past month—like it, love it, hate it, it’s hard to avoid.

If you are familiar with Twilight, my question to you is: Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Above all, did race play a role in Bella’s beau decision?

Wendi Muse critiqued in New Moon: Old Story?, on, that anyone who is familiar with American (and I would argue Canadian, as well) films and pop culture would know that someone of colour hardly ever gets the white girl/guy in the end.

Although it was never explicitly mentioned in the book/film, did Bella have a hard time choosing Jacob because of his indigenous heritage? Did Edward, the white vampire, bite away at Jacob’s chances of love?

Have you ever heard something along the lines of “dating someone who is [insert ethnic/racial group] ok, but you’d better not marry one!” or “Native Americans are so in touch with nature!”? Have you ever seen a film or tv show that relegated the person of color as the trusty sidekick, loyal friend, or temporary romantic plaything, only then to have the white hero enter in medias res and get all the praise and attention?….If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you have already seen New Moon. (From

Mind you, however, that Jacob isn’t even the male protagonist of The Twilight Saga, so of course he does not land the female protagonist in the end! But if he was a white werewolf, would things be different?

Notably, the casting did not hire a Native American for this role. Yes, both of Taylor Lautner’s parents are of European ancestry (according to several websites).

Think about on your childhood: how many Disney princesses of colour are there? (Mulan isn’t a real princess since she’s not from royalty.) And culturally diverse princes? Just a couple. Despite the obvious pluralism in today’s society, this trend hasn’t changed at all. is on to something. Vampires, werewolves, a mortal love interest may be a new combination; but it is the same old story.

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