Montreal’s other Chinatown

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It seems everything done in Montreal is just way cooler than done otherwise in any other part of the country. Montreal’s second Chinatown gives rise to the growing Asian scene and it is not only a place for the older Chinese generation, tourists, or for westernized versions of Asian culture as most Chinatowns tend to be. Rather, this second Chinatown appeals to and warmly welcomes students, locals and new habitants of Montreal.


As Cedric Sam, writer and visionary of Comme Les Chinois, mentions in his blog, “Chinatown Two” is a place for a variety of delectable (and genuine) Asian food, hair salons, clothing stores, and grocery stores. This Chinatown is an actual community, where culture is lived and shared, rather than replicated and displayed for the tourists.

The above photos are extracted from Cedric Sam’s Comme Les Chinois. A big thank you to Cedric!

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