The 50 Most Racist Movies (You Didn’t Think Were Racist)

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Found this on angry asian man and was pretty surprised. There are some movies on this comprehensive list that I had never even considered as racist. Dangerous Minds is on this list?! What? But now that I’ve seen Mickey Rooney’s impersonation of an inexorably annoying Japanese neighbour, Mr. Yunioshi and revisited Sixteen Candle’s Long Duk Dong, oh my goodness! I realize now that racism in films, whether overt or subtle, really isn’t that funny after all. Check it out. Thanks Phil!



Complex is generally a pretty awful magazine, and not really known for its sensitivity. That’s why this list they’ve put together, The 50 Most Racist Movies (You Didn’t Think Were Racist) is really surprising… and totally spot-on.

It’s pretty damn comprehensive, with all the films we love to hate around here, including 45. You Only Live Twice, 32. Dragonball Evolution, 26. The Last Samurai, 5. Sixteen Candles, and my personal favorite, 8. Every Rob Schneider Movie.

And to what film does Complex bestow the honor of the number 1 Most Racist Movie? None other than Breakfast at Tiffany’s, citing Mickey Rooney’s inexplicable yellowface as the bucktoothed Mr. Yunioshi. Complex, we agree — that’s racist!

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