JayKin aka The Kid: Vancouver’s Nicest Underground Rapper

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When I was first introduced to Vancouver’s Underground hip-hop scene in high school, I thought it was a joke. But as it turns out we have a legit scene happening here with many talented, but underrated artists. Like JayKin, who was recently featured in Justalilhype!’s justListen portion. Jaykin, or perhaps better known as The Kid was born and raised in Vancouver, but has been living in Japan. During his time there he produced and recorded his 2009 album On the Humble. The music video for his single, Nippon, was also shot in Japan.

The video is set in Japan, but about life in Vancouver. The first time I watched the video, I actually thought it was in Vancouver. The bridge being the Granville Bridge, and the train-track shot being the skytrain. However, Jaykin, in the Justalilhype interview, says how the only thing not Japanese in the video is himself. Like Jaykin states, “from Vancity to Tokyo!”

Currently, Jaykin is working on his next album, Kinfolk, due to come out sometime in 2010, and Sneakers and Video Games, a video game-sneaker compilation. In the compilation, he will be rapping (potentially about sneakers) over top of video games. Think Mario Brothers meets rap.

Jaykin is definitely someone to watch. I would love to see Vancouver’s hip-hop scene gain recognition. The hip-hop in Vancouver definitely has a strong, distinct sound, particularly with the beats that our artists create. With the creativity of his work, Jaykin could very well be the break-out artist that takes Vancouver’s hip-hop scene to the next level. Others to watch for include Fatt Matt and Lenny Diko.



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