Work For All Campaign | Week 2: Boxed In

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Work For All has a new short film out called Boxed In for its second week of their 10 Week Campaign, showcasing films against racism in the workplace.

What the film is about: “A young woman of mixed ancestry struggles with an Equal Opportunity Form that requires her to respond to the dilemma: Ethnicity – Choose One.”—Excerpted from Work For All

Why we love this film: It’s a truly unique and creative way of portraying the internal conflict we all go through when being forced into accepting antiquated and stereotypical views of ethnicity and identity.

Who this film appeals to: Anyone can identify with the struggle of feeling “boxed in.” Regardless of whether you’re mixed race or have a mixed ancestral background, we, as ethnic people living in North America, have mixed identities. Admitting that you are one, but not the other perpetuates the common belief that ethnic identities are simply ethnic. And we know better than anyone, that we’re hella more than ethnic.

Find the original post on Work For All’s blog and follow their press releases.


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