April 14 | Black Day & Asian Singleness

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If you’re familiar with Asian relationship culture, I’m sure you heard of White Day.

For those of you who don’t know, mark it on your calender as an extra day to get some treats! In Eastern Asian cultures like Japan, South Korean, Taiwan and China, Valentine’s Day is just one of the days that celebrate love and romance:

  • February 14th – Valentines’ Day: WOMEN give me they love or feel attracted to nice, preferably hand-made chocolate. They will also give friends or people they feel obligated to (cheaper) chocolate. Recently, women have also been giving female friends chocolate. How sweet, right?
  • March 14th – White Day: MEN reciprocate. Sometimes out of gratefulness, and sometimes… guilt. Men will often give white-colored non-chocolate treats to women they are obligated to, friends, or to women they find attractive. But here’s the catch, in Japan the rule is “sanbai gaeshi” or “thrice in return.” The gift should be two or three time the cost of the Valentine’s gift they received (Which is enough reason to add this onto my calendar).

So yes, most of you may have heard of Valentine’s Day, or even White Day. But have you ever heard of Black Day??

Out of consideration for all the single people out there who did not receive anything on Valentine’s Day or White Day, South Korea has recently organized Black Day.

On April 13, friends or people you don’t mind celebrating with, go out to a Chinese restaurant and eat black bean sauce and noodles (jajangmyun or zha jiang mian) and celebrate…or mourn singledom. This noodle meal consists of wheat noodles and a salty black soybean paste sauce, diced meat and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

It could be fun, and who knows, with all the singles gathered together, next year there may be less people for the Black Day celebration!

If you know any places that carry good jajangmyun, share the yummy goodness!

Take a look at this video made by Azn Lifestyles TV. It’s a great guide to making sure you’ve got all the V-day festivities down pact, including Black Day:



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