Men, it’s Not Foundation. It’s BB Cream.

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Since I was younger I always wondered how Asian girls had the most flawless skin. It seemed blemish free, without foundation marks on the jaw-line. Lately though, even Asian MEN have been having flawless skin! As I did my research, I discovered Blemish Balm, or better known as BB cream .

While BB cream evens out skin tone, covers blemishes and adds a natural glow, it is not foundation. It won’t clog your pores or damage your skin. In fact it’s suppose to do wonders for your skin. Our friend Wiki mentioned the origination of BB Cream wasn’t even for cosmetic purposes, rather it was for skin care:

BB cream started out as a therapeutic moisturizer in Germany used to treat the irritated skin of the patients who went under peeling, laser, or microdermabrasion.

Yet, The Korean Herald explains the transition from skin care to cover up. With its medicinal-like history, instant effects and overwhelmingly numerous celebrity endorsements, BB Cream shot out of South Korea like a virus through Asian female populations- and now into up and rising male lines.


How successful is it? At an affordable price range of $20-50, thousands of this product are sold daily. In fact, from the South Korean makeup brand Etude alone, 2000 female-based BB Creams are sold DAILY!

Although BB Cream is considered for unisex usage, there are male lines that are more MBA safe. No not Master of Business Administration, but Mountain, Bike, Activity. A product that caters to the active male by offering even skin tone, SPF protection and waterproofness.

If you are not active, they also have creams that cover pale, grey-ish, or red skin tones. Some brands even offer creams with healing abilities like tightening pores, lighten acne and scars, regulating oil sebum control. For ultra sensitive skin, there is dermatological BB cream.


There are ads for every type of man- sporty, sophisticated, rocker, rugged and more. Just to make sure you don’t get the idea that this product is some branch of a woman’s foundation. (Foundation is that colored cream or liquid people usually put over their faces before the rest of their makeup).

I don’t know if you’re convinced on buying this stuff or not. But Mr.M says, “There are no ugly men, only lazy men.” What do you think?

Watch Paulo recently try Male BB Cream:



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