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Finally! A kids show that features 2nd generation kids and the question of identity. Get ready to meet and fall in-love with YTV and the Disney Channel’s broadcast of Vera Santamaria’s series, How to be Indie.

While the first season is done in Canada (and you can find it on DVD), you can prepare your heart for the new episodes that will be screening in October. Now, for our dear friends outside of Canada, worry not! This show is also being screened in Australia, The U.K. and Ireland.

How to be Indie stars Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Melinda Shankar as Indira “Indie” Mehta. She is 13 year old Indo-Canadian girl, and she knows that she only has one reponsibility: grow up well. Unfortunately, this responsibility is more difficult than it seems because her idea of growing up “well” and her family’s, are a bit different.

Indie struggles to find a happy medium between the westernized world she is living in and the very eastern, South-Asian world her family is a part of. Like many second-generation kids, she is surrounded by her family’s culture: she learns Hindi, eats Samosas and curry, her parents are BIG on education, and they have their own home remedies. While her parents are pretty amazing, they are also very strict and VERY conservative in her opinion.

Yet, this does not necessarily mean that she will rebel against her parents and their ways. Nor will she follow all the fads that Rexdale Junior High has to offer- although she does try to blend in and have an edge of coolness to her. Instead, Indie, with the help of her best-friends Marlon Parks (played by Dylan Everett) and Abigail Flores (played by Marline Yan) learns to blaze her own trail on her path to self-discovery and surviving junior high.


Although I would like to just say that this show is cute and humorous because It definately has Disney charm to it, it’s not that simple. I was happy to see that Indie and her family were not the only Indo-Canadians on the show. The show also included a few other characters that show different dimensions of second-generation culture, such as the very suave, westernized Ram Ramachandran (played by Shainu Bala) or the still very Eastern Ruby Patel (played by Nikki Shah). Also, the show features a love interest that features not another South-Asian, but the highly attractive Caucasian-Canadian, Chad Tash (played by Jordan Hudyma). I could list a few other things that caught my attention on this show, but I’ll let you watch it yourselves. Oh multi-culturalism, how I love thee!

So keep your eye out for How to Be Indie whether on DVD or in October 2010 for it’s new season! If you don’t fall in love with Indie, you’ll still fall for one of these kids.



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