EuroDiary: Barcelona

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It’s unfortunate that I didn’t stay very long in Barcelona — two days to be exact. But from what I did see of Barcelona, I loved.

My absolute favourite part of Barcelona is the Old Town, also known as the Gothic Quarter. There, you will find narrow streets on cobble stones that lead you to Barcelona’s oldest Cathedrals. Old Town is conveniently near Las Ramblas – my second favourite part of this city – which is a popular, busy street full of restaurants, shops and street performers.


I bought a pass for a 2-day hop-on, hop-off, tour bus that took me around to the main tourist sites. It cost approximately $38. It may seem quite pricey, but if you are traveling without a rental car and it is way too hot to use a city bike, sitting on a double decker tour bus is the most practical way to explore the city.

Must try Spanish dish: paella. Personally, I did not like it. But if you want to try an authentic Spanish cuisine, you must try paella. Many restaurants serve paella, and there are usually tapas included with the dish. Don’t forget to order a pitcher of Sangria, this drink was originated in Spain, after all.



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