34th Powell St. Festival | July 31 & August 1 | Oppenheimer Park

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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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The 2010 Powell Street Festival is just around the corner, and this year expect the old charm with some new excitement. This two-day event will take place in the newly renovated Oppenheimer Park at the heart of Japantown.

34th Powell St. Festival
Sat. July 31 -Sun. August 1, 2010, 11:30am-6:30 pm | Oppenheimer Park

400 Block of Powell Street (Main Location)

Cost: Free

This Year’s Theme:

This year the theme is “Koen,” or Park debut. This term roots from the Japanese name for when a woman brings her child out to the park for the first time to introduce him or her into the community. It is an image of joining into the deep circle of relationship that communities offer. This cultural tradition is one of relationship, and it is one that the Powell Street Festival would like to offer the local community.

Recent History:

This is more than just another summer event. It stands as a reminder of a deep connection made by those of varying backgrounds, and the city space. Even more so this year, with the loss of two Sakura trees in Oppenheimer Park last year, many were left thinking about the value of our history in this city. These trees stood through generations from the first Japanese Canadians as a reminder of the life, beauty and spirit of the Downtown Eastside. This occurrence also reminded the community of the significance of the Japanese Canadian presence in the city.

The inclusive nature of this event has already allowed, and continues to allow, for diverse members of the community to contribute and participate. With several events such as the Tributaries: Reflections of Aiko Suzuki, Spatial Poetics IX, and An Evening of Sake and Savouries (at Hapa Izakaya) having already run in collaboration with this festival, the street festival this weekend will be a fantastic finale.

What You Should Expect:

There is something for everyone in the family: live music, crafts, literary shows, tours, games, sporting demonstrations and more! After all, there are 10 different locations you can join. There is so much to do, you won’t know what to do with yourself! Plan ahead to make the most of your time and schedule in that Sumo show or Urasenke Tea Ceremony.

This Years Highlights:

1. Performers and Artists:

2. Art

  • Award-winning video art from Japan
  • World-premiere of Podplay Ground Zero (audio theatre)


Don’t assume you will go home empty-handed. You can also buy lottery tickets to win a variety of prizes:

If you haven’t marked it in your calendar yet, do it quick! Or else you’ll have to wait a whole year for another opportunity like this. AND since this event is a debut, why not bring friends and guests to join in? Go out and celebrate being a part of this community!

For more information visit: “>2010 Full Schedule

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