2010 Southeast Asian Cultural Arts Festival | Saturday August 7 | 10am-5pm

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On Saturday, August 7th, the Vancouver Kali Silat Association is holding the 2010 Annual Southeast Asian Cultural Arts festival. You know you’ve always dreamed of being a martial arts master, don’t deny it. Here’s your chance to pick up a move or two.

The festival will be held at Burnaby Central Park, near North Pond and runs from 10am-5pm. Once a year Filipino, Thai, Indonesian and Malay martial artists and instructors from the Greater Vancouver Area gather with their students and the public in order to swap knowledge and techniques, train with their comrades, meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Each instructor has 30 minutes to share some aspect of their art with everyone.


Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t quite on par with the masters. The vibe is easy going and family friendly, making it a fun day at the park for anyone who is interested. On top of that, the day will also be jam packed with traditional dance, music, and performances, as well as an hour-long BBQ potluck. Good vibes and good food, what more could you ask for?

Check out the link below for more info, as well as a detailed map of the location, and be sure to come out and have a good time!

maelstrom Martial Arts: Seminars



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