Get Down Vancouver 2010 | August 9-13 | Dance Workshop

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Next week, August 9-13, the Get Down Vancouver 2010 dance workshop will be going down at Harbour Dance Centre. Whether you are a b-boy legend or can barely hold down a two step, these classes will inspire and motivate you to continue gettin’ your groove on.

The week is jam packed with a grand total of 20 classes covering pretty much every street style you can think of. Styles include Popping, Locking, Boogaloo, House, Hip Hop, and Rocking/Toprock. And with amazing teachers like Sugapop, Caleaf, Mr.Wiggles, and Bobby Mileage at the helm, you are sure to maximize on everything that the workshop has to offer.

All of you America’s Best Dance Crew junkies and talented movers and shakers will need no convincing that these workshops will be worth every penny. For the rest of us, here is a break down of the tuition for the day:

FULL workshop (20 classes) – $480

HALF workshop (10 classes) – $300

1 Day workshop (4 classes) – $130

Drop-in – $35

Need more convincing? Then listen to some words of wisdom from the organizers themselves:

In this workshop, not only will you be learning the history, culture, and foundations of the dance, you will be learning and witnessing firsthand the newest & hottest street dance vocabulary created RIGHT in the class you are taking!

If you’re like me and my friends, you once had high hopes of creating the baddest dance crew after seeing Stomp The Yard, the Step Up franchise, or some other dance flick, but your dreams of dance domination never really took off. This is could be your chance to taste some of that glory you missed out on, reinvigorate your dance career, and learn the coolest new moves from the people who do them best.

Check out some videos below of the masters doing their thing, and make sure to register in advance in order to get your pick of the classes. Don’t miss out!



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