Endhiran: The Robot Dominates International Box Offices

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Last week saw the international release of Endhiran: The Robot the most expensive film ever made in Asia (with a $36.45 million price tag). While it may seem like this is Bollywood’s response to the recent popularity of the sci-fi and superhero genre, the film actually saw nearly a decade of pre-production work. Regardless, it comes at a time where similar films are a dime a dozen, begging the question whether the world has an appetite for an Indian superhero?

Apparently so. The film already made back the majority of its costs domestically in its first 7-days and is faring well overseas. While it is unlikely that it will pick up with mainstream viewers in the West, its overall success is good news for those of us who enjoy pulpy action flicks but seek a break from the regular Hollywood fare. And with the combination of critical praise, Aishwarya Rai, a giant robot cobra and a boulder made out of firing guns, the sheer awesomeness of this film should be enough to keep you entertained.

For the Vancouver-centric, the film is screening at the Dolphin cinema in Burnaby and Strawberry Hill in Surrey. Others should consult local listings to see if it’s playing in their city.



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