Extravagance At Its Worst | Antilla, World’s Most Expensive Home

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Think celebrities’ homes on “Cribs” are too indulgent? Think again.

Mukesh Ambani’s house is the world’s most expensive home, valued at $1 billion. The home is named Antilla , and it is located in Mumbai, India.The 27-floor home might as well have been a resort hotel. Attractions include a four-storey hanging garden, a 50-seat cinema, a ballroom, a health spa with a gym and dance studio, swimming pools, and lounges.

You can take your helicopter there too on one of its three helipads. And don’t worry about air traffic control, Ambani has it covered. Parking isn’t an issue either — the home has a six-floor car park.

Each floor is twice as high as a normal floor, and each floor and room are unique. Materials used on one level cannot be used in the construction of another floor.

So who is living in this needlessly extravagant building exactly? Ambani, his wife Nita, and his three children. Oh, and 600 of his staff of course.

Ambani is the world’s fourth richest man. He is the chairman of India’s largest private sector company: Reliance Industries. He has a personal wealth of about $27 billion dollars, but Forbes magazine estimated his set to become the world’s richest in 2014.

The home cost about $77 million to build, but with growing property prices in Mumbai, the home is estimated to be worth $1 billion dollars.

I wonder how many World Vision children Ambani could have sponsored with the construction costs of one helipad. I’m sure two helipads would have been enough.



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