3 Horror Films to Tantalize Your Inner Gore Fest

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All-Hallows’-Eve is just around the corner! Are you planning a movie marathon but have already worn your Nightmare on Elm Street DVD to a nub? Why not try watching an Asian horror film instead. Here are three suggestions on how to get your gore on…East Asian style.

Korea: Gwoemul (The Host)

While not a horror movie per se, as it borrows from drama and comedy, The Host is a good intro to Asian cinema, as it’s the highest grossing Korean film of all time. Some have praised it for its social commentary, but at its core it’s a monster flick with a giant mutated lizard eating anyone in its way. Hells yes.

Hong Kong: The Eye

Big time Hong Kong directors Danny and Oxide Pang first got noticed with their horror film The Eye, co-produced with Thai and Singaporean companies. This pan-Asian film was so successful it saw two sequels and a Hollywood and Hindi remake. Indeed, Asian horror films are no stranger to cloning as can be seen in other Hollywood grabs including The Grudge, The Ring, Dark Water, The Uninvited, and Pulse. While the Western remakes aren’t always terrible, the original source material is always much scarier. Recommendation: Watch with the lights on.

Japan: ōdishon (Audition)

Not for the weak of stomach, cult favorite Takashi Miike’s Audition had horror juggernauts Rob Zombie say that the film was too difficult to watch due to its unflinching graphic torture scenes. Even My Chemical Romance made a music video based on the film. For those interested in Miike’s other work (most of which are just as mentally disturbing than this one) I’d suggest Ichi the Killer, Gozu, or One Missed Call.



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