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Finally. In an industry dominated by blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties, Estee Lauder has taken a step away from the pack in an attempt to stand out from the rest. The well-established cosmetics brand recently announced the name of their latest global spokesmodel: Liu Wen. The fresh-faced, 22-year-old model comes from Yongzhou, China and recalls watching her mom use Estee Lauder products when she was growing up.

As the brand’s first Asian model, Wen’s role reflects the changes Estee Lauder sees in their future. China is their fastest growing market, where they are currently the #1 cosmetics brand. With Wen gracing billboards in Estee Lauder’s newest ad campaign, one can only imagine how this will affect sales.

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Sure, the move may be strategic, but I like to think that what we have here are racial stereotypes being broken down. Asian women can be beautiful, sexy, and the face of one of the world’s top cosmetics brands. Not only that, but you may recognize Wen from another little modeling gig called the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She was the first model of East Asian descent to grace the show.

Hopefully, with the rolling-out of Estee Lauder’s campaign, more cosmetics brands will take note and more opportunities will open up for Asian models in the industry. Until then, I can’t wait to see where Liu Wen ends up next. You go girl!



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