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I never caught onto the Jersey Shore craze — first pumps, anybody? But I was a huge fan of The Hills and MTV never ceases to surprise me with what they come up with next. MTV International is launching their latest reality TV series, Shibuhara Girls in Japan this coming January 2011.

“Shibuhara” is blended from the two words Shibuya and Harajuku, the two major fashion and shopping districts of Tokyo, Japan. This fits in with the reality series perfectly because the show follows four girls as they try to make it big in the fashion and entertainment industries.

MTV International is keeping their lips seal. No promotional material have been released yet. I’m really curious as to how the cast looks like. The only mental picture I’ve painted is the stereotypical Harajuku girls, like the ones featured in Gwen Stefani music videos.

After the debut in Japan, the series will hit major countries in Asia. The UK, USA and Canada will have to wait.

I wonder if the series will be dubbed once they reach North America, or maybe there will be subtitles. Or maybe the cast members aren’t even Japanese at all!



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