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Green products, green practices, green lifestyles. Yes, “green” has been the buzzword of this millennium, but how seriously do we take the term? Do we simply consider the “green-ness” of the end product we are using, or do we consider all the processes that brought that product into our hot little hands?

Recently, riding a bike to work/school/play has been the trendy thing to do – a “green” transportation choice that reflects a “green” lifestyle (you see where I’m going with this). While it is wonderful to see more and more bikes on the roads, our efforts to carry out green lifestyle choices cannot begin and end with the decision to ride a bike to school instead of a car. We need to consider the processes that went into producing that metal-framed bike, many of which cause more damage to the environment.


Enter the Bamboocycle UH-02: a beautifully designed bicycle made almost entirely from bamboo. Crafted in Veracruz, Mexico, the Bamboocycle, a lightweight, stylish, city bike, reflects a holistic approach to the creation of the ubiquitous “green product”. Bamboo is the material of choice for the frame of the bicycle because of the many benefits it brings to the environment. Not only is bamboo extremely strong, resistant and light, it also generates more oxygen than trees, and is low maintenance to grow, meaning it doesn’t need pesticides or chemicals. It can also help in the quick recovery of overgrazed, depleted land. A miracle crop indeed.

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