Conservation Campaign Demands That “When You See Tuna, Think Panda”

Posted by Kayo Homma-Komori & filed under Environment.

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There are few people in this world that can resist feelings of warmth and fuzziness when confronted with images of cute, cuddly creatures, such as a panda bear. Now, try finding those same feelings when confronted with images of cold, scaly, dead fish. Not quite as easy is it?

This is just the problem that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society hopes to overcome with their new campaign. The reality is that bluefin tuna are endangered, and could disappear as early as 2012, the campaign states. The problem is that seeing a bunch of dead fish laid out on wooden chopping blocks doesn’t exactly pull at the heartstrings. Seeing furry pandas lying there, on the other hand, does.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s new campaign states, “When you see tuna, think Panda”. And with the visuals that accompany the campaign, you really can’t help but do as they say. The images literally bring the slogan to life.



Yep. Shock value at its finest. So the next time you think about ordering that tuna sashimi at your favourite sushi place, replace “tuna” with “panda” and see if that still has you salivating.



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