#NETCulture | Stories of Culture and Diveristy in Social Media

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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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Social media tools and the Internet have become a vital player in how we communicate, share ideas, and gain new insights. More importantly it has educated and broaden our scope of multicultural interactions with people from across the world. While some may view the digital world as cold, emotionless, and inhuman, it is hard to deny the affect it has on circulating ideas about culture and multiculturalism.

The Vancouver Public Library, NetTuesday and CoopCulture are pleased to present #NETCulture: Stories of Culture and Diversity in Social Media on Tuesday April 5 @ 6:45pm in the Alice MacKay Room of the VPL. The evening “will focus on the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube and others to connect cultures and the world while strengthening identities, roots and friendships.”

The keynote will be address by Kety Esquivel via Skype. Esquivel is currently the VP of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. Other speakers will include our very own Jordana Mah; Paola Viviana Murillo and Norma Ibarra, from latincouver.ca; Ashok Puri, retiree and world traveler; Ray Hsu and Zi-Ann Lum, from waytooazn.com, and many more. This is an interactive session, so feel free to ask the speakers questions!

Please visit nettuesday.ca to register for the event.



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