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Imagine a poor Ugandan woman giving all she had – three avocados – to feed someone else. After witnessing that moment, a goal and purpose was found, and Three Avocados was born. Three Avocados is a non-profit coffee company that makes use of its proceeds to provide fresh water to the people of Uganda.

Water is something we Canadians often take for granted. We turn on the tap, and it’s there. We go to school, and we have fountains. We go to Costco, and we can buy it bottled and/or flavored. We seem to have forgotten the importance of water.

71% of our planet’s surface is water, but we are still on the verge of a global water crisis. In places like Uganda, a water crisis is already a reality, and though it’s not global yet, one day, it might very well be. Water is a major issue in the Middle East today, with tensions between countries about water high.

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Water is renewable, but it’s not infinite. Only a small percentage of the world’s water is fresh, and much of that freshwater is frozen. As well, as the planet’s population grows – and water supplies stay the same – water scarcity will increase. Pollution too contaminates water, making it no longer drinkable. Eventually, the entire world’s ability to maintain health will be endangered. A lack in water will lead to more epidemics of water-related diseases, especially in developing countries. Eventually, life on Earth may not even be possible.

Nobody will be spared, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot act against this now. We live in the age of technology. Desalination is a promising technology that will allow us to use much more of our planet’s water, but perhaps the best approach would be to find ways to use less water – and to take better care of the little water we have.

If you’d like to donate money to Three Avocados, please click here.



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