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When you picture your dream wedding, do you see fries and cheeseburgers at a fast food restaurant? McDonald’s in Hong Kong now offers wedding packages to serve brides and grooms.

For $9,999 HKD (or under $1,300 CAD), the basic wedding package includes two hours at the venue, $3,000 HKD (or just under $370 CAD) worth of food, 50 invitations and gifts for guests, decorations, audio equipment, and even your own party emcee.

McDonald’s also offers a balloon bouquet for the bride, a corsage for the groom, a “crystal” McDonald’s house and a pair of wedding rings made of McDonald’s balloons. Wedding cakes, made entirely out of individually packaged apple pies, are also available.


For a unique white wedding gown made entirely out of balloons, brides will only have to pay $1,288 HKD ($158 CAD) to rent or $1,388 HKD ($170 CAD) to buy the outfit.


Some of my funnest childhood birthday parties happened at Hong Kong McDonald’s restaurants. A wedding at McDonald’s may not be glamorous, but it certainly is affordable and memorable!



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