Kibatsu Cinema | Celebrating the Quirky, Offbeat & Kooky in Japanese Culture

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The Powell Street Festival Society and Pacific Cinematheque proudly present Kibatsu Cinema, a collection of films that showcase the quirky, offbeat and kooky of Japanese pop culture and contemporary film.

Curated by Susanne Tabata, the third installment of Kibatsu Cinema, partnered with the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, presents a handful of eccentric and stylish films that explore the influence of many of Japan’s vibrant subcultures, from manga and anime, to punk music, to the notorious world of the yakuza.

“Kibatsu”, a Japanese word used to describe that which is unusual or unconventional, seems the perfect word to describe the films chosen to be part of Kibatsu Cinema, which will be presented at the Pacific Cinematheque from May 27-29th.

For more information on the series, or to read up on the selected films, check out the Pacific Cinematheque website.

Want to see the films, and better yet, see them for free?? Schema is giving away 3 pairs of tickets to any of the Kibatsu screenings! Just tell us which screening you would like to watch – here’s how to reach us:

Email subject line: “Take me to Kibatsu Schema!”

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