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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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Fantasia Film Festival, North America’s most prominent genre film festival, kicked off its 2011 edition in Montreal on Thursday July 14th, and will continue its run until August 7th.

The festival has a knack for picking films that push the boundaries, and its varied international programming gained loyal fans and media attention over its 15-year run. Some of the films that debuted at Fantasia Festival include Bon Cop Bad Cop (world premiere), Inglorious Bastards (North American premiere), and The Blair Witch Project (Canadian premiere).

This year, I will be checking out the weird, gory and delightful array of films the festival has to offer, and posting reviews throughout next week. My initial picks include:

Underwater Love — described as part musical comedy and part softcore porn — this Japanese film depicts an unlikely love story between a fish processing plant worker and a reincarnation of her dead classmate, who is revived as a kappa monster. Kappas, a prominent folklore monster that is half-human and half-turtle, are known for playing tricks on humans (such as challenging them to sumo wrestling) as well as their libidos.

Between the dancing, the sexing, and the tricking, Kill me Please — a bleak comedy that explores the theme of choice and mortality — this Belgian film tells the story of a doctor who sets up an expensive medical facility up in the Swiss Alps that helps people end their lives when they want.

Petty Romance — part of the 2nd Korean Film Spotlight hosted by Ciné-Asie — this romantic comedy tells the story of Da-Rim, a sex columnist who just lost her job, and Jeong-Bae, a comic book artist whose storytelling skills need some work. Strapped for cash and ideas, they decide to enter an adults-only graphic novel contest together for the prize money, and develop an unlikely relationship.

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