Study Reports: Women Who Lost Virginity Early More Likely To Divorce

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According to a recent study at the University of Iowa, women who are sexually active before age 16 are more likely to divorce. Up to 47 percent of women who lost their virginity during their teen years divorced within 10 years of getting married.

Researchers used the responses of 3,793 women who are married or have been married before from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth to conduct their study. They examined the relationship between the age at which they had their first sexual experience and the success of their first marriage.

Having sex early may not necessarily cause divorce, but there are third-party variables that contribute to this.

An important factor was whether sex was “wanted”. The earlier women had their first sexual experience, the less likely the sex was actually wanted. Teens who have sex early are also more likely to become pregnant and have more sexual partners, which are also determinants of divorce.

In addition, people who are more permissive to sex outside of marriage may also be more okay with divorce.

The implied lesson for girls is make sure you’re ready for sex when you first have it, or else your future marriage may be at risk. But what about the guys?

When asked by Huffington Post why men were excluded, lead researcher Anthony Paik answered it was a lack of funds. Also, historically, most divorce research has looked at women’s responses. In fact, the National Survey of Family Growth didn’t even collect responses from men regarding divorce until 2002.

This completely shocks and boggles me. Don’t men make up half of all marriages? So why aren’t they studied? A scientific study is never free of bias but this bias is huge! If only women are studied, then it seems like they are implied as the cause of divorce.

Nobody will know what factors men have that contribute to divorce. Maybe it’s early sex in adolescence. Maybe It’s pornography consumption and frequent objectification of women. Or maybe it’s just scoring exceptionally high on the national psychological douchebaggery scale (there really should be one).



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