Online Dating Meets Bar Scene in Korea

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Photo credit: KoreAm

Young Koreans are finding a new way to connect with their next potential partners–through tablet computers at a bar in Seoul.

A special program links the devices between customer’s tables and patrons where they can communicate with those they are interested in at other tables. After chatting via instant messages or video chats and deciding the attraction is mutual, they join tables.

The crowd usually consists of college students and so far the bar has received favourable feedback from patrons.

One 22-year-old said that less burden is placed on turning someone down. But you know what I think? It’s all a great idea until someone gets rejected. All the little lies you use to try to get out of conversations online will no longer work.

This is the scenario I see going down between patron A and patron B.

Patron A: Hey! How are you?

Patron B: Great! ^_^ How are you?

A: Good good!

B: So what do you do?

A: I just graduated and recently started working at a bank! You?

B: I am a student.

A: Oh, of which school?

B: Well…I mean…I recently decided to stop going to school.

A: How come?

B: I’ve just been very busy lately because my ex broke up with me. It was the best 2 and a half weeks of my life but then he broke up with me when I accidentally broke into his apartment, you know, just to help him clean and re-organize his closet. Then I started experimenting with hard drugs. It’s really been helping me dull the pain. Hehe~

A: Oh, well, that’s too bad, I guess. Sorry, but something came up and I think I have to go now. Have fun tonight!

B: But you are still here. You are staying and you are on the tablet talking to someone else.

A: Um.Yeah.

B: >_< A: Sorry. Super awkward. —–

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