Food Heaven Made Easy | Proof that Eating Healthy Can Be “the Bomb”

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The statistics don’t lie. Or do they? Studies show that obesity rates are often related to lower levels of income, with both rates being higher in Black and Latino communities. The health food craze is often more accessible to those who have money. You may share my experience in choosing a salad over a burger at your favourite restaurant, only to be dinged a few more dollars on your bill.

Well, you may no longer pay more to eat healthy, because our saviours are here. And they are prepared to take us to food heaven.

Wendy & Jess are the sassy, Brooklyn-based ladies behind Food Heaven Made Easy, a monthly cooking & nutrition series and blog that is available through Brooklyn Community Access Television. With Wendy hailing from the Boogie-down Bronx, and Jess repping the West Coast, each girl brings their own unique flavour to the series, which is what makes the show so enjoyable to watch.

Underneath the sass and silliness though, these ladies are “keeping it real”, creating this show with a mission in mind. As both Wendy & Jess are nutrition educators, as well as Black and Latina, they have a special concern with the rising obesity rates in their communities. Therefore, they have created the show as a “creative outlet to help undeserved communities in New York City improve their diets and overall health.”

Wendy & Jess prove that eating healthy does not have to mean eating expensively. They walk viewers through the entire process of making a healthy, three-course meal for an entire family for under $10. They even take us through each step along the way, from the grocery store to the kitchen table, with DIY kale head pieces to keep us entertained along the way.

Check it out for yourself.

Episode 1: $10 Meal Time from Food Heaven Made Easy on Vimeo.



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