The Urbanite’s Answer to “Living Green”

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I love when designers find clever, unobtrusive ways to incorporate the “green” aspect into their sleek designs. Designing sustainable or environmentally-friendly products should not necessarily mean designing products that look “organic”, or made from some plant you can’t pronounce that is found in the remote regions of South America, and that can be purchased at your local farmer’s market. We need to move away from these assumptions of green design.

Czech designer Kristyna Pojerova is the latest designer to “go green”. What Pojerova has designed not only promotes sustainability, it is, on its own, a beautifully-designed piece.

Pojerova designed this sleek, mini-greenhouse to urge those living in urban settings to grow what they can in their own homes. The greenhouse is a glass globe that can be mounted onto a lightbulb in your home, using the otherwise wasted heat given off by the bulb to grow plants and herbs. There are four ventilation holes on the top to maintain a balanced micro-climate, as well as a large opening in the centre bottom to allow for the planting and picking of herbs.


However, as the age-old design dilemma goes, could Pojerova’s design perhaps be too form-focused, overlooking certain aspects of functionality? For example, looking at the greenhouse, I wonder, how would you water the plants inside? And picking the herbs through that bottom opening does not look like the most comfortable task. Also, how much light would be given off by the bulb, given that it is now surrounded by plants and soil? Would you need to supplement lighting in the room with another lamp, thereby defeating the purpose of using the existing bulb’s wasted energy?

Perhaps there will be future versions of this mini-greenhouse that will address these concerns. But for now, the glass house is a wonderful way to incorporate sustainable living into urban life using sleek, cool design.



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