Harold & Kumar Offer Their Fans Some Christmas Joy

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If your idea of a great holiday movie includes scenes of marijuana smoke, a claymation penis, and Santa being shot, then A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas makes for perfect entertainment.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson is set a few years after Harold and Kumar have seen each other. Harold is living an affluent lifestyle with his wife Maria in the suburbs, while Kumar spends his days getting high and failing drug tests. A mysterious package links the two back together, a Christmas tree is set on fire, and they set off on their third adventure.

Full of raunchy scenes, politically incorrect jokes, and recreational drug use, the film is exactly what fans of the series want to see. As many of the scenes reference the first two films, some of the jokes are easier to understand if the viewer has seen the first two installments.

Having gained a large cult following through DVD sales from the first film, the writers seem to have an understanding and connection to what gags best appeal to their audience. The use of 3D throughout the movie was surprisingly effective, as clouds of smoke would drift towards the audience. The 3D was also impressive during the action scenes, which were well directed considering its genre as a stoner comedy flick.

However, what really makes the film a holiday movie worth watching is the use of John Cho and Kal Penn. As the only Asian and Indian actors that headline a feature comedy film, the writers make good use of the unique jokes available to them. Unlike in regular comedies, a vast array of cultural demographics receive comedic jabs from Harold and Kumar that are well-received from the audience. That special dynamic between Harold and Kumar is what makes the film worth its ticket price.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas reminds viewers that the most important parts of the holiday season is to party a little, cherish family, and friends.

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