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Photo credit: My Modern Met

Tired of your mortgage, or un-mortgage? Build a home in the woods.

This is exactly what 32 year old Simon Dale, a photographer from Wales did, when he got a chance to own a piece of land in the woods in exchange for taking care of the area. Inspired by his love for nature, and tired of his housing costs, Dale set out to build a home, re-purposing natural resources for construction. He even directed water from a stream into the home, built a compost toilet, and installed solar panels for energy—and only spent about $5200.

The home definitely looks impressive for something built by a non-architect on a mission to live a lower-impact life. If you have a look at the photos, the home must be a haven for Dale’s two young sons—just imagine living in a fully equipped hut/tree-house 24/7!

When I first saw this, it reminded of the times my younger brother and I used to build forts in our rooms, using every cushion, chair and pillow in sight. To be honest, the building process was probably more fun than actually staying in the fort, and I can’t help but wonder if this family will soon want to upgrade to something more modern.





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