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Being a student for many years now, I’ve become a professional at what I like to call sneak texting or should I say snexting. Snexting is when you carefully cross your legs and hide the cell phone beside your thighs and text away. Eventually, you become a professional at this trick that you no longer need to look at your phone while texting. However, with the advent of touch phones, it makes it a little hard to text without looking.

Teachers and professors, even your parents, hate it when they are talking to the top of your head. They want you to make eye contact, let them know that you are attentively listening to whatever it is they are babbling about. Unfortunately, someone is probably impatiently waiting for your text message reply, and it’s rude to keep people waiting…right?

So it was interesting and somewhat shocking to me when I read this article about the decreasing number of text messages being sent around the world. Since 2010, there has been a drop in the number of text messages being sent. Cellphone companies were expecting a high number of text messages during the holiday season, but to their shock, the number was quite a bit lower than the previous years. Shocking right? When you think about it, not really.

With the popularity of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, people no longer feel the need to text every single individual they know and wish them the generic, “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.” Instead, they send a massive Facebook or Twitter status update using the “@” tag to help you direct your message to any individual you wish! Also, with the new creation of iMessage from Apple, why pay for text messaging when you can send pictures and videos for free?!

Is this a foreshadow to the death of SMS? How will cellphone companies scam us now? What ridiculous charges are they going to create for us in 2012? Well, if one thing is for sure, I can safely say goodbye to my snexting days. Farewell old friend.



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