Claire Fontaine | “They Hate us for our Freedom”

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Using matches, Claire Fontaine, a Parisian artist, creates a map of France. After finishing, she lights her work of art on fire and watches it burn.

Fire as an element has strength on its own. It is wild, beautiful, and full of energy, yet it can so easily leave destruction in its wake.

The matches, on the other hand, add a second dimension to Fontaine’s works. Within such close proximity of each other, they seem so delicate, so vulnerable. “Anyone could light the fire,” Fontaine mentions as she describes her work. What she’s suggesting is not unlike the domino effect—light one match and the entire country of France will be at risk. According to Fontaine, France is just that fragile.


Fontaine’s work isn’t simply powerful—it’s powerful as a political statement. She does what most, if not all, artists strive to do—make their audience think. It’s an ability that I aim to develop as an artist.

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