Modern Art Meets Urban Mumbai

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Where some would see a plain white wall, others see a blank canvas. An inspired group of young Indian artists has taken over Mumbai’s otherwise dreary streets. The Wall Project seeks to inject colour into modern structures and bring these neglected spaces to life.

The project began in the small village of Bandra, Maharashta a few months ago with a small collection of dedicated creatives. They saw a blank wall and felt the urge to do something with this forgotten divide. The painting hasn’t stopped: stunning backdrops have popped up all over Mumbai and the group is open to anyone who has the desire to pick up a brush.

The organization wants to make people more aware of the spaces they inhabit: how these spaces influence us in our daily lives. Often, we don’t even pay attention to the walls we are walking past. The Wall Project’s designs give positive feelings to passerbyers in the hopes of creating conversations devoid of any religious, social or political message.

Unfortunately, some of these public works have been covered over with movie posters. The local government should do more to protect these art installations. They belong to the citizens of Mumbai, and shouldn’t be tampered with to promote the latest Bollywood flick.

Young artists should work together with cities around the world to develop more projects like this. These agreements are mutually beneficial for the artist, who is able to express himself or herself, and for city, money doesn’t have to be spent on covering unwanted graffiti (usually caused by young artists suffering from a lack of studio space). Until other municipalities follow suit, I hope the Wall Project keeps on painting.



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