Nadia Hatta: When Do You Feel Most Taiwanese, New York, Western, Indian or Blended?

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Being that Schema Magazine is as much about having (and managing) a complex identity, as it is about travelling and what’s in celebrities’ purses, one of our most favorite things is to ask when “you feel the most ….”

Nadia is one of those hyper-blends: born in Taipei to parents with mixed-heritage, raised in Taipei and Canada, and proud of being part Indian, Hainan and Arabic. Schema Magazine asked Nadia when or where she feel the most Taiwanese, and any other identity she navigates through.

Here’s what Nadia had to say on being blended:

I am such a mix of all these that I’ve developed my own way of doing things. I actually had a hard time answering this because a lot of times everything is mixed, and shifts with the context. I am (naturally) more Taiwanese when I’m with Taiwanese friends or in Taiwan, and more Western when I’m with my Westernized friends. And language is obviously a huge factor. Speaking with different accents, for example. You naturally bring in cultural aspects into how you speak, through gestures, intonation and facial expression.

Nadia, you’re absolutely right! We couldn’t have said it more clearly. These questions perpetuate overly simple notions of ethnicity and probably not the best ones to articulate your complex cultural identity, which is far more fluid than these questions imply.

She gave it a shot anyway.

I feel most Taiwanese when …

I go to KTV and order squid balls and sing Asian pop at the top of my lungs; and when I multitask: like, doing a Schema Mag interview, while doing a face mask and texting my appointments for tomorrow in both Chinese and English.

KTV refers to “Karaoke Chinese Style” (which is very similar to Karaoke Vancouver Style). Thanks for the Schema shout-out! And of course you’re code-switching between Chinese and English.

I feel most “New York” when …

I am doing MMA—my edge comes out to play.

Enough said.

I feel most Western when …

I’m eating organic Nature’s Path cereal with soy sugarless soy milk.

Photo courtesy of Nadia Hatta

OK, this just makes me hungry! And inspires me to start a blog about cereals. It takes some serious discipline to make a breakfast this healthy. Nadia’s ingredients for this breakfast of champions: pure yogurt, craisins, fresh honey, almonds, sprinkled with ground sunflower & pumpkin seeds. Delicious!

I feel most Indian when …

I am meditating and doing yoga.

Photo courtesy of Nadia Hatta

Love that finding her inner calm is where she feels most Indian.

Nadia just began co-hosting MTV China’s Tian Lai Cun, and recently had a guest appearing in Mr. French Taste Episode 6.


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