Snoop Dogg Arrives Five Hours Late For Concert…Because Of Chicken Wings

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Here in Vancouver, we are endowed with many great spots to enjoy some delicious chicken wings (Phnom Penh, anyone?) each showing off the local communities that the eclectic city boasts. Now, there are some things that would prevent me from showing up to work sometimes: the car didn’t start, several outfit changes were necessary before leaving the house, or that the barista in training couldn’t make a latte to save their life. But chicken wings? Well, it would depend on how hungry I was. Or maybe, how high I was.

Snoop Dogg, famous rapper and connoisseur of experimenting, is no stranger to the media, drugs, extravagance, and arriving less than on time. We’ve all heard that it’s fine to arrive “fashionably late” but Snoop lives life in his own stratosphere, and took things to a whole other level during a recent tour stop in Norway, arriving five hours late for a concert. The reason for which could not be any less balling.

When you’re a celebrity extraordinaire, there’s a certain image and lifestyle I imagine you try to uphold for your fans, and maybe even your own self-enjoyment. So it should come as no surprise that the Dogg brought 8 grams of marijuana with him on the flight, along with almost $40,000 in undeclared money. And can you blame the man? You never know how expensive wings are going to be in Norway, especially when you have an extensive entourage to feed.

Lest to say, these discrepancies in Snoop’s baggage caused a hold up at customs, where he was fined roughly $8,600 USD for his oversight. But that still left him with plenty of cash to make it rain during his stay. This isn’t the first time Snoop was unavoidably detained before a concert in Norway, having done the same thing a year previous. His excuse? “I was late ’cause I went to get some chicken wings. That’s why I was late. ‘Cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks’ home.” Take note, world travelers: convalescent homes are where it’s at for the best wings and entertainment in Norway.

Snoop insisted that he does “not party,” and would not be late for that reason. No, just wings, the elderly, weed, and pockets full of more money than many people make in a year will put off any prior engagements indefinitely. It ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang, after all.



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