Obamacare Leaves Nothing To Be Complained About

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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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After two years of political strife, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. In a five to four vote, the justices upheld the law in its entirety because of the government’s right to impose taxes. Twenty-six states were against the bill and had been delaying implementing the new regulations since the bill passed in Congress in 2010.

Many observers were expecting the Affordable Care Act, dubbed “Obamacare,” to be stuck down. Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, has already pledged to repel the act if he is elected. Some voters were outraged by the decision, with some taking to Twitter and threatening to move to Canada due to the Obama socialist/communist conspiracy. Since Canada has had universal health care since 1966, I really don’t think Canada would be the right choice.

Obamacare has been created to provide affordable healthcare coverage to 50 million Americans who were without coverage because they couldn’t afford premiums. Every American must have insurance; those who aren’t covered by their employer or the state have to purchase a minimum policy or face tax penalties.

This bill also places more responsibility on insurance companies for their customers. Many were denying care for outlandish ‘pre-existing’ conditions and even cutting off payments in the middle of a patient’s medical treatment. Women were also being charged a ‘gender rating’ fee that had them paying $1 billion USD per year more than men. Simply for being born female.

I really hope that Americans realize what an excellent piece of legislation Obamacare truly is. This is one of the first bills in a long time that addresses the health care crisis in the United States. It doesn’t favour the rich or multinational corporations; instead, it protects the most vulnerable. Obamacare will save lives. I don’t understand how anyone could be against this bill, unless they are working for insurance companies.

Many Americans believe that the Obama administration is interfering in their personal choices and that the government shouldn’t be ‘meddling’ in their lives. This isn’t logical; voters elect the government to protect their interests and provide services to its people. This is the democratic model, not communist. If you are unhappy with the Affordable Healthcare Act, then move. Not to Canada, though. You wouldn’t like it here.



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