Scarlet Chan: The Troublemaker of K-Town on Pre-Coital Workouts

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There’s no doubt that Scarlet oozes sexuality. She’s bold and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

In K-Town episodes, Scarlet can be seen often grinding on boys at the club and loudly declaring what kind of sex she likes.

What better way to feel sexy than knowing you’re fit and fabulous? We asked Scarlet what workout is best before getting down.

Schema Magazine: Best workout exercises to do before getting naked?

Scarlet Chan: My favorite workout exercises to do before getting naked is a 90-minute spinning class and finish off with some abs and buns on a yoga ball. There’s nothing sexier in a woman than confident and a toned booty.

Cardio workout to me is the most unpleasant exercise of them all and I struggle with getting [cardio] in every day. However, the sense of accomplishment I get after the bike ride is the best feeling in the world. It is the greatest ego boost anybody can give to themselves, especially before getting naked.

Check out Scarlet’s racy interview with MTV Iggy:

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