Mitt Romney Puts His Foot in His Mouth. Again.

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Another week, another catastrophe for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. This time, the wannabe president has found himself in hot water with Hispanic voters. Any attempts to woo this key demographic have failed. From making controversial statements to accusations of brown face, it’s no wonder that Romney is trailing Obama among Latinos in recent polls by as much as 40 percent.

Last week, Mother Jones released hidden camera footage from one of Romney’s speeches at an off-record fundraiser. These little gems appeared on YouTube several months ago and remained largely unknown until a video researcher convinced the original uploader to hand over the tapes to the press.

According to Romney, “it would be helpful [for Romney] to be Latino” for the Republican Party to win this election. I am assuming the only reason he said this is because Obama is African-American and he sees this election as a strange racial popularity test that gives Obama an edge.

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Apparently, to overcome Obama’s natural ‘advantage’, Romney is resorting to ‘brownface’ to look more Latino. In an attempt to reach out to Hispanic voters, Romney appeared on Univision, the largest Spanish-language network in America, in a presidential forum just days after his damning videos were released. Viewers weren’t only troubled by what was coming out of Romney’s mouth, the Republican nominee was visibly browner than before, raising questions as to how much spray tan he applied before his big interview. Democratic Underground released these two photos of Romney before and during the broadcast; clearly, at least three bottles of instant tan were used in this transformation.

While Mitt Romney’s idiotic behavior doesn’t surprise me, I am shocked that someone so out of touch with the majority of the American population is standing as a presidential candidate. One quote from his now infamous 47 percent video claims that 47 percent of the population will vote for Obama because they have a huge sense of entitlement. According to Mr. America, they don’t pay taxes and expect the government to pay for their healthcare and housing, Shame on you! This complaint is hypocritical and ironic coming from the guy who has refused to make all of his tax records public.


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