Asian Canadian Wiki Hopes to Connect a National Community

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Esther Frid holds "El Atardecer de la Vida," a book she wrote about the stories of seven senior Latin American women living in Canada

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October 22nd will see the launch of the Asian Canadian Wiki website. The idea for the website was first expressed at the 2010 Asian Heritage Month symposium in Montreal and was spearheaded by Acces Asie artistic director Janet Lumb. Funded by a grant from the Canadian Council of the Arts the wiki was developed by a committee of volunteers and researches to create over 750 entries over the summer of 2012.

Developed to showcase individuals, communities and achievements, the website is dedicated to promoting all things Asian Canadians. A scan of the website already shows a wide array of scientist, artists, community leaders, and yes, even online magazines.

Lumb explains the importance of the project:

The Asian Canadian Wiki is significant, not only to the growing Asian artist community, but to Canada as a whole. Over the summer, we’ve added hundreds of new faces, organizations and projects—all of which represent the diversity in our country. We encourage users to take advantage of the interactive nature of the wiki platform and add themselves or anyone they think is missing.

New users are encouraged to contribute to the project by adding and editing articles. The team is eager to hear your thoughts on how this project can be improved. As project coordinator Elena Kusaka states:

The Asian Canadian Wiki, while serving as a digital resource, is also a direct challenge. It challenges the images of “that region” and “those people.” The wiki is proof of the existence of both a celebration of difference, and the reality of cultural and political change. In the coming years, it will increasingly document the struggles of “Asians” to stake their claim in the deteriorating democracy that is Canada. And that is possibly the strongest message “we” can continue to make.

While the website is still a work in progress, you can contribute your own entries at The website can serve as both a repository of information, as well as a networking tool, helping you find out about exciting Asian Canadian individuals and communities in your city.



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