Joe Cha of K-Town S2: When he feels Korean and he feels American

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Image courtesy of K-Town Reality Show

The last few episodes of K-Town Season 1 were been big ones for Joe. We’re so looking forward to knowing more about Joe in Season 2, which comes out TODAY!

In General Joe Cha (Season 1 Episode 7) he and the K-Town crew setup the venue for his big show at the Belasco Theatre and he gets understandably stressed out as Scarlet lambasts him for being so serious. Thankfully, it all turned out well in the end and the show was a hit with over three thousand people attending. Great work Joe!

Schema Magazine had a chance to chat with Joe to talk about when he feels the most Korean and American in his life.

“I feel the most Korean when I’m in any of the KoreaTown grocery stores. Your surrounded by Korean people speaking nothing but Korean with a sh*t load of everything Korean around you.

I feel the most American while watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. I was born in this great country, as I say I’m made in America but a I’m a product of Korea!

I feel the most blended when I’m working at my Saturday weekly party @ The Belasco Theater. We have all different races and demographics having fun together all in one roof with one common goal, to get drunk and have fun!”

It seems that for Joe Cha, and us here at Schema, identity is something that’s always shifting. That’s not a bad thing—it’s great to mix it up!

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